Talk to Our Notary Public About Writing Wills in Calgary

Let Affordable Notary Public Services guide you through preparing your Will. We have years of experience handling Wills in Calgary, and our Notary Public can certify your signature so that you can get it all done in one stop and don’t have to significantly rearrange your work schedule. 

Writing a Will can help you achieve your estate planning goals, finalizing how to handle your assets after you’re gone. A Will not only ensures that your wishes will be carried out, but relieves stress for loved ones who will have to handle your affairs in what is often an emotional time.

Different Types of Wills

  • Holograph Will – written entirely in the hand of the Testator and signed at the bottom of the Will
  • Military Will – signed by Testator (no requirement for witnesses)
  • Non-Holograph Will – signed at the bottom by the Testator (or signed by another person on Testator’s behalf and at their discretion and in the Testator’s presence) and two witnesses, all of whom were present and observed the other endorse their signatures

Important Elements to a Will

  • Name an Executor and at least one alternate
  • Name a Guardian for your minor children and at least one alternate
  • List any specific gifts and beneficiary(ies)
  • Describe how you want the residue of your Estate to be distributed

If you have any questions concerning Wills, please feel free to contact us or check out our frequently asked questions.

Services Offered

Notary Public

Commissioner for Oaths

Land Title Documents

Consent Letters to Travel

Preparation of Will / Power of Attorney / Personal Directives

Invitation Letters

Document Certifications

Affidavits / Statutory Declarations

Contract (business, marriage, etc.)

And Much More!

Legal Notice

Affordable Notary Public Services does not provide legal advice. Our services include the notarization of documents, administering oaths, affirmations and solemn declarations, certification of copied documents and the witnessing of agreements. The presentation of information on this page is not offered as legal advice nor should it be relied on as such.

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